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    10 Home Improvement Resolutions for 2014

    Whether you’re buying or selling a home, there are certain home improvements you’ll want to invest in this year. The right improvements will make your new home more comfortable while making your existing home more appealing to buyers. Here are the top ten you’ll want to consider this year.

    Go Energy Efficient

    Make your house less of an energy glutton by adding insulation and weather stripping. If possible, invest in new doors and windows to make your home stay warmer this year. Whenever you replace appliances, focus on Energy Star rated options.

    Replace the Front Door

    It’s the first thing people see when they’re coming up to your home and you want it to make the right impression. If the door is already a newer, energy-efficient fixture, then you can improve the look with a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware.

    FreshCoatPaint Clean the Air

    You know how important a clean house is, but you also want to clean the air. Change the furnace filter frequently, and consider adding an air purification system to your HVAC system. If you’re painting or buying new fixtures and furniture, look for low-VOC options that won’t harm air quality with offgassing.

    New Garage Door

    On many homes, the garage door takes up a good portion of the home’s front surface. Aging doors aren’t energy efficient, and they can be an eyesore. Replace the door with a new steel option that is modern, attractive and energy efficient to boost curb appeal.

    Organize the Home

    The greatest improvements don’t have to cost any money. Getting organized and eliminating clutter will make the home feel larger, and it’ll be easier to find things that you’re looking for.

    Add a Deck

    If you don’t have a deck, or yours is falling apart, this is the year to add a wooden deck to the exterior. Outdoor living spaces are popular right now, and the deck will provide you with countless hours of entertainment.

    Consider the Common Areas

    If you live in a subdivision with common areas, remember that those areas reflect on your home. If they’re in poor shape, then get involved with the HOA to work on improvements. You can also volunteer your time to help maintain and improve these areas.

    Reduce Water Use

    The amount of water you use impacts your home’s overall energy efficiency. Switch to EPA-certified WaterSense products to lower water use.

    Update the Kitchen

    You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a full kitchen remodel. Even a little updating can go a long way towards improving the cooking area. Paint the walls, change out any window coverings and buy new hardware for the cabinets. The mini-remodel won’t cost a great deal, but it can make a fantastic difference in an older kitchen.

    Claim Lost Space

    If you have a spacious attic, use it for something other than storage. Attics that have the available headroom can be converted into a new master bedroom or a fun playroom for the kids. Be sure to work with an engineer to make sure that your home structure can handle the extra weight and stress of a new living area overhead.

    Whether you’re just moving into a new home or preparing to sell, these are changes that will benefit your property. They make it more enjoyable for you right now, and buyers will appreciate the improvements in the future. Many of these changes are surprisingly affordable, so make the investment in your home today.

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