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    Searching for an Active Retirement?

    Madison, Wisconsin has recently gained attention for the quality it provides for retirees, both transplants and natives alike. Forbes magazine rated Madison as one of the most active places for retirement citing it’s proximity to the University of Wisconsin contributing to a lively atmosphere as well as continuing education opportunities. The city sits highly in Biking¬†magazine’s outdoor facility ranking along with an extremely high participation rate of adult volunteering. Forbes also mentions a high number of doctors per capita, raising the availability of healthcare professionals and healthcare choices.

    Madison Wisconsin | Best Places to Retire
    Photo by Richard Hurd

    As the capitol of Wisconsin, Madison is the center of activity for the state as well as a thriving metro area surrounded by ample suburb communities. A study by the Milken Institute rated Madison #2 on its list of Most Successful Cities For Aging in the category of large metro areas. The Milken Institute completed this data driven study by compiling three different age groups with separate factors driving the scores for each group such as weather, engagement, healthcare and activity. According to a poll by the AARP, 90 percent of Americans want to age in the place they are living already. Since Madison is already renowned for active and healthy lifestyles, the outlook for those wanting to stay throughout their life and into retirement is definitely positive.

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