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    Cheese & Football

    When thinking of Wisconsinite what’s the first thing that comes to mind to you? For many it’s football…and cheese. When you throw the combination together, you end up with a cheesehead. And as we head into the middle of August, many cheeseheads are bursting into football fervor.

    There’s no surprise Wisconsinites love our football. Whether it be supporting our Badger’s or freezing at Lambeau waiting for the Green Bay Packers to make that beautiful Lambeau Leap, Wisconsin residents are fiercely loyal to our teams. And why shouldn’t we? The Green Bay Packers are one of the only publicly owned NFL teams in the country, in one of the smallest cities in which a stadium lies and that is no small feat for us to maintain as long as we have. The Badgers continue to keep us proud as they stay on top of the Big Ten conference.

    Are you ready for the Boys of Fall to take the field and continue to show why we love them all so? We know we are! So make sure when game time comes in the next few weeks to grab your gear and show your pride, there should be no explanation needed why we Wisconsinites love our football. Just enjoy it!

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