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    Choosing the Right REALTOR

    You’ve been watching the market, and believe it’s finally time for you to sell your home. But what’s next? How do you go about finding the right agent to work with? How do you you determine if their experience will align with the goals you have set for getting your home sold? We encourage before pulling the trigger to sign with any listing agent, ensure you’ve gained the answers you need. Don’t be afraid to interview multiple agents until you find the right one, it’s always better to be as informed as possible! Here are 5 important questions for you to ask when making the decision on who to hire to sell your home.

    1. How long have you been selling homes?

    Real estate is always changing, the markets shift, and therefore agents are always having to learn and stay on their toes. Agents that have been around longer and more experience are more likely to be able to handle situations that may arise during your home sale.

    2. How many homes did you sell last year?

    All great agents have numbers and statistics on where they stood the previous year in the market. It’s how they learn and improve themselves and set their goals. Don’t be afraid to ask how many home they sold the previous year to see how active they truly were in the market and aggressive they were.

    3. What is the average days on market for your homes?

    Along with question 2, a great agent will always have this number on hand because it’s a powerful tool on showing their tactics work on moving homes and getting them sold. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) provides all of this data and an agent should be able to show you where their days on market average compared to the overall average in their area.

    4. What is your average Sale Price to List Price?

    You might jump at the first agent who offers to sell your home at a price higher than what other agents suggest. While this sounds excited, ask first if they have evidence to why their suggested list price should be higher and what the actual difference is between what their average sale price and list price. This will help you better understand if the agent is just trying to win you over or if their tactics work and actually earn their sellers more money.

    5. How will you market my home?

    More goes into selling your home than just putting up the For Sale sign. Ask the agent your interviewing what marketing tools they use and what their plan for your home would be.

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