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    Event Spotlight: Madison Santa Swimsuit Run – Dec. 7 – Madison, WI


    Madison is the only place in the world where you can see hundreds of people dressed as Santa running down the street. While other towns host Santa parades and other events, Madison takes things a step further.

    Instead of seeing typical Santa costumes, you’ll see people roaming the streets in their bathing suits. When the temperature drops, residents of this city know that the Swimsuit Run is right around the corner.

    Raising Money for Charity

    Though the annual Santa Swimsuit Run is a simple way for residents to let off a little steam and have some fun, the event also raises money for charity. Participants can enter as individuals or as teams, and the event organizers hand out prizes based on which people and teams bring in the most donations.

    The person who raises the most money wins a Kindle Fire, while any individual who raises at least $500 will win a $50 gift card to a local business. Every team that raises at least $3,000 will also win a celebratory dinner at The Old Fashioned, one of the top restaurants in the city.

    Santa Swimsuit Run

    The Santa Swimsuit Run takes place on the first Saturday of the month, but the event organizers encourage participants to register in advance. All racers meet at The Majestic Theatre in downtown Madison, and those runners can attend a pre-party event later in the day. Racers line up in the city square early in the day, and the run starts out a few minutes later.

    Other Events

    Those who don’t want to participate in the event can still take part in some of the fun. The Majestic Theatre hosts a large party with free music and drinks and live entertainment. The theater also boasts a fun costume contest that people love entering.

    You never know who or even what you might see when the costumes come out. Not far away from the Majestic is The Rigby, which offers a few specials of its own. The Rigby offers cheap drink specials and low prices on food, but the facility does require that everyone wear shirts and shoes.

    A Swimsuit is a Must

    One of the most fun parts about this annual event is that everyone who attends is on equal footing. If you worry that people will laugh at you or point at you because of your bathing suit, think again.

    While you might notice a few people laughing, those individuals are also laughing at everyone else they see. This simple event forms a real camaraderie among participants, and you’ll find that once other Santas descend on the square, no one will even notice you.

    The annual Santa Swimsuit Run takes place every year in December, and it serves as a friendly reminder that Christmas is right around the corner. Past events saw temperatures of around 36 degrees Fahrenheit, but those cold temperatures only add to the fun.

    Once you start running, you’ll feel your blood pumping and your heart accelerating, and you might even feel disappointed when you reach the finish line.

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