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    4 Tips to Stage Your Home This Fall

    Having your home on the market this fall could be to your advantage. There’s less competition, and for some buyers, the ability to envision a home during the holidays and cozy up during the colder months (which we have far too many of in Wisconsin) goes a long way in marketing your home. Putting these fall staging tips to use will position your home in a way to have you closed well before the holidays occur.

    1. Brighten Up
    With fall, comes short days and longer nights. Most buyers are viewing homes after work and it’s often dark by then, so having a well lit, bright room will truly work to your advantage. Well lit rooms appear larger and are more inviting to visitors than darker ones. Make sure to have all your lights on before a showing arrives so it welcomes them the moment they drive up!

    2. Seasonal Scents and Light the Fire
    During the colder months, having a fire going if available, will also enable a buyers mind to envision cozy nights warming up near the fire and use seasonal scents like cinnamon, pumpkin, woodsy, etc around the home to enhance that feeling of warmth and home.

    3. Up the Coziness 
    Adding extra throws and pillows, in fall hues and will up the anty, creating the vision of cozy nights curled up with a warm drink enjoying family or just relaxing at home.

    4. Curb Appeal

    Anytime of the year, curb appeal is always something you want to maintain, because it’s always the first impression a prospective buyer will receive of the home. Less is always more. Don’t overdo the lawn or front porch decor, keep your yard free of leaves and debris that always comes along with fall. It’s always key to remind yourself for an Open House or showing to keep it simple, don’t overdo it, and keep away the clutter.


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