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    Getting Started on Selling Your Home


    Selling a home in today’s fluctuating market is never simple, especially if you plan to do so on your own as the owner. Selling your home requires a bit of an understanding of the real estate market as well as a complete understanding of the home’s value and your current financial situation.

    Knowing whether or not if you owe on your home or if you own it entirely is one way to get started with the process of selling the house yourself.

    Rid Clutter and Clean

    Before you begin listing your home or thinking of selling it, be sure to clean and de-clutter all of the rooms throughout it. Rid all clutter and excess furniture or belongings to make the home look more spacious and appealing, which is ideal when you plan to list photos with your house once it is for sale.

    Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

    Add a fresh coat of paint throughout your home to liven the house up. Use neutrals, whites and browns to encourage those who are interested in the home to place a bid. The more neutral and welcoming the house is, the more likely you are to receive more bids once it is up for sale.

    Consider the Home’s Selling Points

    Make a list of all of your home’s selling points such as any features or additions you may have added to the house yourself. If you have a sun room or a master suite with a Jacuzzi, be sure to list these features when you start to place ads for a showing or an open house.

    Have Your Home Appraised

    Hire a professional appraiser to have your home reviewed and to get an estimate property value on the house itself. Avoid using the assistance of a public tax appraiser and instead, choose to look for a professional who has appraised homes professionally near you for years or decades.

    Get a Home Inspection

    Have a home inspection completed by a professional to show potentials buyers that your house is up to standards and ready to be moved into. When you have a home inspection done, you will also be informed of any changes you need to make and updates or repairs that are necessary before you can sell it to a potential buyer.

    Properly Advertise the Sale of Your Home

    Be sure to properly advertise the sale of your home with “For Sale By Owner” signs on your lawn, including your personal phone number. You can also utilize online blogs, websites, real estate listings and even social media to share your property’s photos and information to those who live near you to gain more reach.

    Be a Good Host

    Being a good host when you are having an open house is a necessity to increase your chances of making a sale and finding a real buyer interested in the home. Ensure you prep how you plan to show the house, what you want to say and even the refreshments you plan to provide to those who attend.

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