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    Home Trends for 2017

    I’m sure at one point or another you’ve found yourself aimlessly perusing Pinterest, pinning every recipe, style choice, or home décor and DIY project that came across your fancy. More and more users are turning to Pinterest to find ideas to update the home, create their own projects from their backyards, to kitchens, and to interior living colors.

    Why is this such a great concept? Without realizing it, when you search for “backyard seating” or “granite kitchen counters” you are going to be able to see what is trending in terms of what the general consensus are pinning the most. This is great for those wanting to update their homes for their own comfort yet make it appealing to those visiting, or even sellers looking for ways to make their home more appealing to potential buyers. This year Pinterest released a list of the hottest trends for 2017 based on the increase of search inquiries for certain home designs & style. Here are 6 trends that struck us, make sure to take note!

    • Farmhouse Style
      This home styling décor shouldn’t surprise many, as we’ve seen its slow takeover of home designs for the last several years. Last year, however, Pinterest found an uptick of 40% and is calling it the new shabby chic.
    • Indoor Plants
      It’s highly likely I could visit my grandmother and mother’s home and find a few indoor plants (albeit fake) around, but this year there was an increase of 260% for searches and pins on indoor plants and decoration ideas.
    • Wood Tile
      Touching a bit on that farmhouse style, wood tile accent walls and pieces are rising in popularity to provide homes with that touch of rustic and homey vibes.
      • Navy Blue
        Do you watch shows like “Fixer Upper” like I do? My favorite kitchens tend to be the ones where they do dark cabinetry and very recently I fell in love with a kitchen where a dark blue/ navy was used. So, that being said, I wasn’t necessarily surprised to find navy blue or deep blue interiors colors for the home on Pinterest’s list with an 80% hike in popularity.
      • Copper
        I’ve decided just to name 2017 the year of the rustic home trends as copper makes its way to the list. Not as overbearing as gold to the senses, copper accent pieces provide a subtle warmth to enhance that rustic vibe and rising with a 90% trend its safe to say gold is out.
      • Heating Floors
        For those of us that live in those states that suffer colder temperatures throughout the year, this is one trend I’m more than happy to see. As a seller this could be a huge selling factor and with searches up 54% this is something a lot of people are looking into.

      Have you found yourself looking and admiring any of these home concepts lately-or even took the step of updating the home with any of these trends?

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