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Do’s & Don’ts of House Hunting in Madison

Buying a house is a very important investment and will effect your finances, comfort, lifestyle and family. The entire process involves several potential pitfalls or situations in which knowing when to take advantage is key. Consult our list of tips and tricks to figuring out house hunting and buying in Madison.

Homebuying Do's and Don'ts | Madison WI
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Homebuying Do’s:

Make Personal Lists

When you’re buying a home, you need to make a list of non-negotiables along with a personal wish list. Is it a top priority to have at least 3 bedrooms? Is it just a preference to have a fireplace in the living room? No house is going to have everything you want, so be prepared to compromise on a few things. But don’t lower your standards on what is really important to you.

Look at the Location & Neighborhood

Location is a very important factor to keep in mind. Is the house close enough to both school and work? Is the neighborhood a safe one for raising the children? How is this particular house going to sell several years down the line? Getting answers to these questions and doing your research is an important part of the house hunting process.

Hire Professional Inspectors

When you’ve got a house you’re thinking about, it’s important to hire some experts to come and take a look at what you may not be able to see yourself. Hire a home inspector to check out the house, get a land survey, and then go for an appraisal. If there is a problem with your foundation, wiring, or any part of your property, you may want to reconsider this home, or at least get the price lowered.

Homebuying Don’ts:

Don’t Overcrowd Your Day

Overwhelming yourself with too many houses to look at at once can really take its toll on you. The average person looks at about 12 houses before they buy, so don’t try to cram everything into a day! After about the 5th house, they’ll start blurring together and you won’t be able to process correctly. So take the time to spread out your potential homes so that you’re thinking clearly and not overwhelming yourself.

Don’t Impulse Buy

You may find yourself walking into your dream home and just falling in love with everything about it. While this may in fact be the perfect house for you, don’t shout out “I’ll take it!” without even thinking. A home is an investment, and you need to give yourself time to think with your head about finances, location and anything else that might be a problem with the house. Do your research and make sure it really is the perfect home for you.

Don’t Believe the Ads

All advertisements are supposed to hype up what is good and omit or sugarcoat any negatives about their product. Ads for homes are the same, so don’t go blindly into the house hunt believing every word that the homeowners or real estate agents tell you. It’s your job to question each house; to find out what it truly is worth, and whether it is what you want or not.
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