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    How To Stage Your Home to Sell

    House staging is a common practice in real estate and agents swear by in order to help them sell homes faster. The reason for staging a house is that it presents a home in the best way and gives potential buyers the chance to see a property that they could live in themselves. Use these tips to feature a home’s strengths to potential buyers during an open house.

    Get Rid of Clutter

    One of the main steps in staging a home is getting rid of all the clutter and unnecessary furniture. Large rooms with plenty of space are important to buyers, so you need to find the perfect balance between a spacious room that is well, but not over, furnished. Only leave the essential furnishings in place and get rid of extra pieces that don’t necessarily need to be in a room. The same goes for closets, cabinets, shelves and counters.

    Create Gathering Spaces

    Once you have de-cluttered a home it is important that the house still maintains a homey, welcome feeling. Use the remaining furniture to create gathering spaces where buyers can envision their own families in the home. Use the furniture to the best advantage, away from the walls with one to two gathering spots per room so that it appears larger and more functional.

    Transform Neglected Rooms

    Many homes have rooms or corners that are unused or neglected, collecting all the things that we don’t know what to do with. Transform these neglected corners and catch all rooms into beautiful spaces so that buyers can see the potential in every inch of the home. A cluttered entryway can be outfitted with a console and coat rack, the storage room can become a library and office and the empty basement can become an entertainment space.

    Use Proper Lighting

    Rooms that appear light and airy are more appealing that dark and under-lit rooms. Use as much lighting as possible in each room to create a cheery atmosphere. Accent lighting on the walls, lamps and overhead lighting is all-important. Make sure every socket has a bulb with the proper wattage installed so that every room can look its best.

    Use Paint to Your Advantage

    A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a room or the entire house. Paint can be used to change the mood and look of any room, but because you are trying to sell a home, use it to make each room appear bigger.

    Use the same color for connecting rooms to make them appear bigger and match the paint color to the window treatments to make both the room and windows appear larger. Neutral colors are the most appealing to a wider number of buyers and it keeps your home from appearing dated.


    To keep the home feeling personal, accessories shelves and walls with your belongings. The important key is to keep every space uncluttered and use accessories smartly. Three items per shelf is the goal and enough to give an idea of what a space can look like.

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