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    Move to Madison in 2014 | Best Places to Live

    We all know that Madison is a wonderful place to live, but for further proof head to this article about Madison’s placement on the list of Top 10 Happiest and Healthiest Places to Live in the United States. Everything seems to stem from Madison’s low crime rate. In order for the crime rate to be so low it takes the involvement of the community and a vigilant police and civil service force. With Madison’s several distinct communities and neighborhoods working together, along with the suburbs such as Middleton and Verona, the city is well taken care of. As a result of this care Madison residents enjoy the city from all directions, but especially in the outdoor spaces. Locales such as the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s arboretum filled with miles of walking trails and green space provide residents with an infinite amount of outdoor fun.

    Madison | Best Places to Live

    In terms of moving to the city Madison is extremely budget friendly with family homes available at all price levels in communities catering to everyone. The Top Ten list also noted the high availability of fresh and local produce something that these days is invaluable in particular for those raising families. Between not having to worry about crime in a larger city, the endless outdoor spaces and a high quality of life at affordable prices, Madison is the place to be!
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