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    Our Top 5 Restaurants in Madison

    1. Bonfyre American Grille

    As one of Nicole’s personal favorites, this restaurant had to obviously make the list. With delicious food at great prices, it also deserves to be there! Looking for a great place for Brunch, every Sunday Bonfyre offers one of the best around town with yummy mimosas to boot.

    1. The Old Fashioned

    If you ever find a Madison, WI foodie list without The Old Fashioned on it, they’re doing it wrong. From their large assortment of Wisconsin brewed beers to choose from, and mouth-watering cheese curds, be prepared to fall in love. Don’t be surprised if you show up and are put on a waiting list, in its prime location on the square, The Old Fashioned is always bustling with those awaiting their turn to dig in. But don’t worry, use that time to take a seat at the bar and start to enjoy one of many local brews!

    1. Tornado Steakhouse

    Rated as one of the top steakhouses in Madison, it’s no surprise this mellow and softly ambianced environment received a strong vote in our poll of favorites. Offering great meat selections, and awesome service, Tornado Steakhouse will likely be a reigning champ for years to come in the Madison area. Also if you’re hankering for something later in the evening they even offer a late night menu that runs until 1:00am!

    1. Bluephies

    Sunday morning Blood Mary. End of discussion. No, but seriously. You’ll find Bluephies mentioned across multiple “Best of Madison” lists and they’ve earned that right.

    1. Harvest

    Simple elegance with mouth-watering food, Havest brings in our last, but definitely not least, on our list of top restaurants in Madison. Known for their fresh ingredients, and tantalizing meal choices, it’s no wonder it is a Madison staple. Dine inside or choose to take in the fresh air on their sidewalk dining area and just sit back and relax and let the food speak for itself!

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