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    Real Estate ROI: Tips To Increase Your Home’s Value

    Nationwide, real estate continues to provide people with a good return on investment. When looking to sell your home, your return can vary depending on the price in which you paid for your home, the loan you secured, the expenses and renovations costs you have accrued, along with various other factors. So while ROI will differ for everyone, there are several tips we would like to share that may help increase your home’s value and get you a higher ROI when selling.

    The Basics of a Home/Fixes: Buyers looking for a home, want the necessities to be functional and working properly once they step into their new home. Buyers will assume that the basic necessities of a home work: the plumbing, the air conditioning, and the electric. As a seller, if your roof is leaking – fix it. Don’t turn them off, give them the basics – unless you are selling As Is.

    Renovations: Not every renovation project adds value to your home. Some renovations are extremely costly and provide a lower return on investment. Several examples that we have found that are high-impact, low-cost renovations are things like: a much needed upgrade to a bathroom or possibly adding a fresh coat of paint to your house.

    Work With A Professional: Working with a qualified real estate agent is key. You hire a real estate agent to know more than you do… and they should; about how long homes are sitting on the market, how to price your home, a list of interested buyers that fit your price range, the knowledge to negotiate on YOUR behalf and bring you the highest dollar possible for your property. Your agent should be able to advise you on things and provide you with a checklist to make the entire selling process as smooth as possible. Another informative article, that may will be beneficial to you to refer to is, The Myths and Facts About Selling Your House.

    Landscaping: The dollars that you put into landscape more often than not see an easy return when selling your home. Landscaping creates excellent curb appeal to get buyers in the door. Landscaping does not have to break the bank either. You can spend enough money to manicure your lawn, create an inviting space and at the end of the day it will welcome more buyers and you can recoup the cost plus more in what you are able to sell your home for, simply because the overall outward appearance of your house will be more appealing.

    Set your home sale up for success. Add value to your home and position your home to get the highest return on investment possible. As you have questions about putting your home on the market, feel free to reach out to our team at Nicole Charles & Associates. We are here for you. To represent you. To get your home sold!

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