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    Relisting Your Home After it Expires

    If your home was on the market prior without selling, the thought of relisting it might seem like a daunting task. However don’t let that fear hinder you. There were reasons you wanted to sell your home originally right? Keep reminding yourself of that as you set upon the task of finding the right agent to relist your home. Your big WHY.

    There are many reasons for a home not selling the first time around: price, market, staging, or even the agent themselves. When relisting your home, if you weren’t comfortable with the strategies your agent used, or felt the agent lacking, then don’t feel obligated to reuse their services. When our team calls upon expired listings, we HIGHLY recommend interviewing several agents so you are able to then make a strategic, well informed decision in the process of moving forward of what is best for you.
    Our team here at Nicole Charles & Associates prides itself on our aggressive marketing tactics and the record we have for getting expired listing sold while with us. When a potential client meets with one of our Listing Specialists, they ensure to go over any market questions, property highlights, why you think it failed to sell before, etc. Selling your home is more than posting photos online and setting up Open Houses. That’s why our team prepares you for hitting the market running, including helping in suggesting the staging of your home to maximize space and buyer appeal.

    And our strategies work! For the month of April alone, we’ve relisted seven expired homes and four of them have gone on to have accepted offers, three of which were within 24 hours of their first Open House. Talk about stress relievers for those home owners.

    Nicole Charles and Associates boasts one of the largest Real Estate teams in Dane county, and this allows us to constantly be working for our clients to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

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