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Sell During Spring for the Best Return on Your Home

Selling a home for a competitive price has a lot to do with timing. The decision of when to put a home up for sale can have a major impact on the competition, ending price and ease of the process.

Increased Activity

With the school year winding down, selling a home at the start of the spring season allows people plenty of time to prepare for the move. It also gives them ample time to get acclimated to a new area and make new friends before the new school year begins in the fall.

Seasonal Benefits

The extra daylight and warm temperatures can also be a motivator in the increased activity of home sales. With this added traffic, home sellers can garner the most attention for their dwelling and achieve a competitive price for their home.

Homes in the Spring

Unless you have to move for financial reasons or a company transfer, moving in the spring months can be easier to navigate, especially if you live in a cold and snowy climate.

It’s All About the Look

If you want your home to leave a lasting impression on a buyer, you want to ensure that it’s in the best condition. Flowers, shrubs in bloom and a well-manicured lawn can contribute to your home’s curb appeal.

Spring can also be a better time of year to show off an outdoor deck, wrap-around front porch, swimming pool and perennial garden.

Maintenance and General Upkeep

Whether the market is prime for sellers or buyers, you’re going to see substantial housing activity in the spring. April, May and June are the most popular months of the year for homes to go on the market.

This is also the best time to prepare for the sale of your home. Cleaning windows, staining decks, and painting the exterior trim are simple fixes that can improve the odds of a home sale.

If your home is sealed throughout the winter, you can air out your dwelling. You should also concentrate on the lawn and garden. Rake any remaining leaves, remove dead tree branches and prepare your lawn by aerating and fertilizing it. A little TLC will go a long way in getting an edge on the other homes in your community.

Handling Multiple Offers

With the increase in buyers, open houses and homes coming up for sale, you stand a better chance of obtaining multiple offers for your home in spring than any other time of year.

A buyer may also want to spend more for your dwelling to prevent others from coming in with another offer. Buyers may even offer incentives to help solidify and get the sellers to commit to the sale of the home such as a quicker closing, more money down and a cash sale.

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