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    Sizzling Summer Tips to Sell Your Home

    lawnmower-384589_1920Summer is here and for many, their favorite time of year. For buyers, it’s one of their favorite times of the year to purchase a home and be completely moved into! It should come as no surprise that nationally, Summer is the busiest time of year for home buying, with statistics showing June as the business month. Sellers who were waiting all Winter and Spring, or school to end are ready to list are and competition is at a yearly high. Because of consistent cooperative weather showings and Open Houses are easier, especially in Wisconsin where potential buyers don’t have to worry about snow storms or icy sidewalk during showings like they would during the colder months. So what can you do to set yourself apart from the other homes popping up on the market? How can you ensure you home sells quickly and for the right price? These tips below will help give you an edge when preparing your home to sell!

    1. Clean and Declutter
    This shouldn’t come as surprise, but decluttering your home and giving it a nice good elbow cleaning goes a long way in the presentation of your home. When buyers first walk in they want to see the space the home provides and the potential it has. Too much clutter or general dirtiness detracts some buyers who can’t see past it. As a rule of thumb, just remember that buyers find clean homes more comfortable and inviting. If you have a lot of clutter and at things you’ve picked up along the way, if you’re not interested in downsizing and getting rid of items, it’s a great idea to rent storage until the home sells.

    2. Landscaping and Exterior Living
    Warmer weather equates to more time spent outside relaxing for many instead of being cooped up. Make sure you keep your yard in well maintained. For the front yard, remember for some buyers curb appeal is a strong opinion game changer so ensure lawn is mowed, flowers are tended to anything that’s supposed to be green stays green. If you have a nice back or side yard, stage it for buyers to envision how they may spend their time out there with outdoor furniture on a deck or patio, and ensure to create a nice flow from the yard back into the home so it seems like a natural transition from the inside of the home.

    3. Lighten it Up and Keep It Cool
    Brighten up the home, remove heavy drapes, ensure the home has a nice airy feel to it and turn on that thermostat. During the Summer people are hot. When home buying they want to walk into a home that is nice and cool with a bright open feel to it that will correlate with cooling down. If you keep the home dark and cramped and disregard turning the air on, it may be harder for them to feel relaxed and comfortable.

    4. Price it Right
    This is always a given. Make sure your Realtor has set clear expectations for you on where your home should be priced and why. Having realistic expectations is key when selling your home. If your Realtor knows their stuff and the current market statistics, trust in their tactics and the price to list.

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