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    What Compromises Are Buyers Willing to Make?

    If you’re planning on selling a house or condo in the Madison area in the near future, it will benefit you to understand your prospective buyers and what they desire in a home. Let’s take a look at some of the features that homebuyers are seeking in their next Madison home and the compromises they are willing to make in order to have them.

    What Will Buyers Compromise On?

    Understanding Today’s ‘Must Have’ Home Features

    It’s important to understand what today’s homebuyers are seeking in regards to in-home amenities and features. As you might expect, more than half of adults surveyed wanted a larger home than their current one, and nearly two-thirds want their home to be ‘move-in’ ready. The most sought-after bathroom amenity is a large bathtub, while in the bedroom about a third of individuals ranked his-and-hers closets as their most important feature. In the kitchen, islands and eating areas inside of the kitchen itself were the most requested amenities.

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    Distant Metro Transit Stops? No Problem!

    If your home isn’t very close to a Metro Transit bus stop, you can rest easy. Almost half of adults surveyed in 2014 were willing to give up being close to public transit if it meant that they were able to gain some of their must-have home features. While older buyers are more likely to commute around Madison by car, you can expect that younger buyers and millennials will focus more on ‘walkability‘, commuting by foot or by bicycle when the weather permits. If you’re entertaining a young individual or couple, talk up the amenities within walking distance.

    No Nearby Schools? Buyers Are Willing to Forgive

    Modern couples tend to have fewer children as they begin their families a bit later than previous generations might have. It should come as little surprise that more that about 35 percent of adults surveyed this year suggested that they would be willing to give up close access to educational facilities in exchange for obtaining the amenities that they desire inside of their home. Having said that, there are still many homebuyers who are also parents, so if you have an elementary or high school within walking distance to your home be sure to mention this as one of the benefits.

    Don’t Worry About a Lack of Entertainment

    With many people opting to forego live entertainment in favor of the limitless options provided by Netflix and the internet, it probably isn’t much of a shock that distance to local culture won’t be a deal-breaker. More than a third of adults suggested that they would give up proximity to their preferred types of entertainment and shopping to ensure they have the quality of home life that they desire. Again, it won’t hurt you to talk up the shops and cafes in the local neighborhood – just know that if what’s inside your home is your stronger selling point, you’ll be fine.

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