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    What You Should Know About Younger Buyers

    If you are thinking about selling your house or condo in the Greater Madison area, you’re likely to encounter younger, first-time home buyers who are on the lookout for their new home. The question is – what features and benefits appeal to these individuals and couples? In this post we’ll share some insight in to what younger and first-time home buyers are looking for in a new home, and upgrades that you can make to draw interest from these individuals.

    What Are Younger Buyers Searching For?

    Understanding the Millennial Mindset

    If you are targeting millennial buyers – those who are about thirty years of age or younger – you should give some thought to a few key points. First, this generation is highly individualistic, so if you live on a street or cul-de-sac where the homes look very similar from the outside, you’ll want to spruce things up inside to drive appeal. Young buyers have extremely diverse tastes; while one buyer may be looking for nothing but white walls and hardwood floors, another may be interested in seeing colored theme-walls throughout the home to spice things up. Know that whatever the location and condition of your property, it’s unlikely that your home will appeal to everyone.

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    Aim for High-impact Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades

    When it comes to kitchen and bath décor, millennials and young professionals tend to lean towards a high-quality but minimal appearance. In the kitchen, consider an upgrade to granite countertops, and replacing any old appliances with newer stainless-steel models. In the bathroom, tubs are on the way out and glass-enclosed showers are rising in popularity. Replace the sinks (white porcelain) and fixtures (again, stainless steel) and use mirrors tastefully to make the space feel a bit bigger than it is.

    Enticing the ‘Tech-Savvy’ Buyer

    Young professionals are essentially hard-wired to the internet and glued to their mobile phones, so you may have some explaining to do if you’re in an area with poor cellular reception. Be sure to play up any high-tech touches inside of your home, such as wired Ethernet or a customized media room. If you want to go the extra mile, consider investing in lighting and other systems that can be controlled remotely via an iPhone or Android app.

    Another major consideration that younger buyers make is how energy-efficient the home is. While buyers in Madison aren’t going to be demanding that you place solar panels on the roof, inexpensive touches like Nest programmable thermostats and smart appliances which control their energy use are ones that are worth investing in. It’s important to be power-smart without coming off as having cheesy trinkets that add little real value.

    Are you ready to sell your Madison home, or are you in the market for an upgrade? If so, the Nicole Charles & Associates team is ready to help. Contact us at your convenience at 608.622.SOLD or by email on our contact form and we’ll be happy to assist you with your real estate needs. Thanks for visiting!

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