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    Capitol Heights – Fitchburg, WI

    About Capitol Heights

    Living in Capitol Heights in Fitchburg, Wisconsin can be a treat for anyone. Especially for those looking to escape the city life. In return Capitol Heights offers open air, serenity and clear night skies. The homes in Capitol Heights are contemporary, yet possess a Ranch-like quality.

    Most residents have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, while the household income averages about 80 to 100,000 per household. The houses seem to average around 280,000, but that number might be rising according to the market trends. The air quality is wonderful, and the crime rate is below the national average, making this a healthy and safe place to live.

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    Our Redeemer Lutheran School is a small private elementary school. Their test scores are a testament of their own. Many parents have stated how happy they are with the diligence this school has in teaching their children. Another school is Savanna Oaks Middle School. This school rated highly on the Great Schools Organization scale, and parents are pleased with the school’s push towards perfect attendance.

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    Edgewood High School is a great option for older children. The students here are very happy with their teachers. Comfort, is one of the keys needed to ensure that students are ready to learn. This is a belief that many veteran educators believe. Students not only enjoy a great education at this school, but they also enjoy a rich high school life.

    The extracurricular activities available nurture their growing minds and interests. There are drama clubs and an improvisational comedy club, as well as a Math club, Magazine and Newspaper clubs among many others. A recent graduate thanked some of the teachers at this school; she said that without them college life would have been daunting, but now she feels confident.

    What to Do?

    There are a number of parks and lakes around Capitol Heights in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. Of course there are quite a few shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants and wine houses that one can enjoy, but what else can you hope to do here? Well, there are few country clubs and great cinema houses as well as theaters. Camp Randall Stadium is nearby as well for the sport lover.

    There is the Pump it up establishment, which is a great place to take your children… they have slides, jumpers and many more things that the kids can enjoy. There is the Break Away Sports Center, where they hold many sporting events for the youth. They coach teams of all ages for various sports, such as football, basketball and soccer among others.

    Some parents spoke enthusiastically about the coaches at the Sports Center, and stated they are very supportive. Capitol Heights in Fitchburg, Wisconsin has a little something for everyone, which makes it a great place to live and call home.

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