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Cherrywood Estates – Middleton, WI

About Cherrywood Estates

Cherrywood Estates is located near beautiful Middleton, WI. This area offers people who live there the opportunity to experience an award winning community that has fine restaurants, fantastic shopping as well as stunning parks and impressive walking and biking trails. This is area is known for their fine schools, variety of activities and reasonably priced homes.

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Downtown Middleton

The downtown area of Middleton is a place that has a good mixture of the old and new. It’s a place where modern restaurants, classical architecture and interesting local shops join together to provide a nice place to eat, shop or just enjoy the day.

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National Mustard Museum

Middleton is home to the National Mustard Museum. In 1992, Barry Levenson left his position as Assistant Attorney General for the State of Wisconsin. The reason was to open a unique museum that was certain to get a lot of attention both locally and nationally.

The National Mustard Museum is now one of the most visited attractions in Wisconsin. It has been shown on the Oprah Winfrey Show, mentioned on the show Jeopardy as well as To Tell the Truth. Visitors can see over 5,000 different types of mustard from every state as well as 70 different countries.

There is everything from the Gibbons Collection of mustard pots to old time advertisements, antique containers and more.

Orchids Garden Centre

If a person enjoys plants they should take time and visit the Orchids Garden Centre. It’s a beautiful orchid growing greenhouse that has added a variety of perennials and annuals to the plants they offer.

Their specialty remains orchids and they provide customers with different types of orchids that will bloom at different times during the year. They provide such orchids as Cymbidium, Zygopetalum as well as Oncidium, Dendrobium Phalaenopsis and more.

Pheasant Branch Conservancy

A suburb of Middleton contains a stunning nature preserve known as Pheasant Branch Conservancy. Hiking trails here pass through a variety of habitats such as lowland forest, oak savanna, sedge meadow and more. There are bridges to cross over a creek flowing toward Lake Mendota.

This is also a popular place for people to come and engage in bird watching. It’s a nature setting that is home to birds who live there all year as well as those who only stay there during annual migration. There are local volunteers who work hard to maintain the habitats and keep the trails clear and usable.

Greenway Station

A popular shopping center located close to Middleton is Greenway station. Visitors here will be able to see shop at over 35 national retailers. There are also a variety of locally owned stores to meet any shopping need.

The shopping center is surrounded by well-manicured landscaping with more than enough parking. It’s a place that has shops, dining and entertainment to meet the needs of the entire family.

Capital Brewery

Anyone interested in trying craft beers while in Middleton can visit Capital Brewery. Visitors here can be served their choice of craft beer in the outside Bier Garten. During colder months of the year Capital Brewery’s Bier Stube is open to meet the needs of their visitors. A large selection of locally brewed beers is always available.

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