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Dudgeon Monroe – Madison, WI

Madison, Wisconsin is one of the greatest cities in America to live in. The city has been recognized as one of the “5 Happiest Cites in America” and one of the best places to live in the future. Within this great city lies the popular neighborhood of Dudgeon-Monroe.

This part or Madison is a unique place as it provides a blend of the past and present cultures. The neighborhood is filled with vibrant cultural and natural resources, in addition, showcases great parks, shopping, and friendly residents.

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The Dudgeon-Monroe has three schools that serve Kindergarten to 12th grade within the area, they are Edgewood High School, Edgewood Campus School, and Wingra School. Each school has been recognized as providing an outstanding education to children, so you can feel comfortable and confident about the school system within the Dudgeon-Monroe community.


There is no shortage of shopping opportunities across this small community of 3,000. Along Monroe Street, you will find many unique retail stores that sell everything from Oriental rugs to Indian art. In addition, there are multiple locally owned stores that sell retail clothing, medicine, toys and electronics. Whatever your needs are, you will be sure to find it along Monroe Street.

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Dudgeon-Monroe has a wide ethnic flavor of food across this neighborhood. There is a New Orleans style restaurant, pizza parlor, traditional American food, and locally made candy shops. In addition, there are several coffee and ice cream shops dotted across this great community, so you’re never more than 10 minutes away from a nice hot cup of coffee.


This neighborhood also has many annual events that highlight their cultural and trendy traditions. Some of the most popular events are the Sponsor Jazz in the Park, 4th of July Children’s Parade, Solstice Party, and the Monroe Street Festival.

The Monroe Street Festival is one of their showcase events that occur during late September. The street is packed with visitors taking advantage of bargain sales from local merchants and as well as several activities designed to entertain the kids.


The area also has several parks and natural landscapes located within or along the edges of Dudgeon-Monroe. One of the main features is the University of Wisconsin Arboretum site, which has over 1,100 acres of horticultural collections and is used for research and study of various plant communities.

In addition, there are several parks to choose from, each with their own unique attractions. Vilas Park is the largest and oldest park in the community and features a sandy beach for swimming and numerous tennis courts and baseball fields. This is a perfect place to have a picnic and take an evening stroll along Lake Wingra.

As you can see, the neighborhood of Dudgeon-Monroe is an exciting and friendly community with the greater Madison area. There is no other place like it. Once you drive through this area you will get a sense of how close this community is and you will want to become the newest resident of Dudgeon-Monroe.

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