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Gateway Estates – Verona, WI

Gateway Estates is the perfect neighborhood in which to raise your family. If you ever imagined sitting on your front porch watching the children play in the front yard with the other children from the neighborhood, this is the place to do so.

With big yards, lovely homes, and such as predominant family-friendly atmosphere, choosing to raise your family in this neighborhood is almost as easy as finding your dream home. From large and spacious to cozy and contemporary, you’ll find exactly what you want right here in Gateway Estates.

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What Makes Gateway Estates Special

What makes Gateway Estates special is the fact that you can comfortably raise your family in a home that you love with all the entertainment and amenities you desire within walking distance. You will find that your favorite restaurants, boutiques, and shops are within walking distance of your home.

At most, you will find that you can commute via car in less than five minutes. There are nature walks, bike trails, parks, and gyms all located near your new dream home. Your kids won’t be bored because they can head outside for a competitive game of football in the park or a day of fun on the slides at the playground. You can sign them up for dance classes, music lessons, and they can attend some of the best schools in Wisconsin.

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The Verona Area School District is comprised of 10 schools. Each school is recognized for its academic achievement, great teachers, and school spirit. Your children will attend one of four elementary schools, two middle schools, one high school, one international school, or two charter schools.

You will find the faculty, students, and curriculum are all to your liking. Moving to the Gateway Estates neighborhood is even more desirable now that you know what good schools your children have to attend.

Suburban Living

What makes Gateway Estates such a special location is the fact that it is located in Verona. This Wisconsin town has a population just over 10,000 residents. This means that you will know your neighborhood. You will become familiar with the owners of your favorite shops and restaurants. You will know the parents of your children’s friends, and you will feel the closeness and safety that can only be found in such a tight-knit community.

City Living

Gateway Estates is not located within the city, and the community of Verona is quite small. However, if the thought of suburban living without access to a major city makes you nervous, fear not. Gateway Estates is a mere 10 miles southwest of the state capital, Madison.

It takes only minutes to get to Madison, where you will find nightlife, major shopping, and great restaurants.

Living in Gateway Estates means that you can have it all. You can have the suburban lifestyle your kids want as well as the proximity to a city big enough that you don’t feel you are forgoing any of the arts. Gateway Estates is a neighborhood filled with modern homes that aren’t cookie cutter.

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