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Harlan Hills – Fitchburg, WI

Harlan Hills is a lovely neighborhood in the town of Fitchsburg, WI. With numerous opportunities to explore the surrounding nature, Harlan Hills is conveniently located near schools, restaurants, shopping, and local sporting events. With a variety of benefits, this community is a wonderful place to make a home and thrive as an individual or family.

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A Little about the Area

The residents of Fitchburg are made of a diverse mix of more than 25,000 individuals where the median age is early 30s. With about 700 businesses, the area has a strong economy primarily in agriculture, nanotechnology, information technology, biotechnology, medical instrumentation, and thermoforming.

The people in Harlan Hills are upstanding residents who pride themselves on being good stewards of the environment that is their home setting. Natural features of the area include the University of Wisconsin arboretum, bike trails, and natural hiking paths.

New residents to the area may like to know that Fitchburg just recently received the National Biking Award for its outstanding reputation as a bicycle friendly community.

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The Fitchburg Farmers Market is open to inhabitants of Harlan Hills every week. A gorgeous array of fresh and local produce, flowers, meats, baked goods, cheeses, and even gluten-free items are sold.

With a strong agricultural heritage, shoppers are in for a real authentic treat. Other activities enjoyed at the farmers market throughout the year include the Kid Fest, Strawberry Fest, Summer Fest & Community Pig Roast, and the Fall Fest.

Outdoor Activities

The sense of community is strengthened through a number of communal activities such as the Fitchburg Area Runners. This group includes members of the neighborhood who share a passion for running. A casual gathering, this group meets every week at a designated time to run, jog, walk, and ultimately socialize.

Men and women of all ages from kid to adult can choose one of three routes of varying distances. Those who prefer indoor exercise can jump into Pilates, Tai Chi, or Yoga classes with the other Harlan Hills residents.

There is plenty to do for local kids as well. Children can sign up for any one of Harlan Hills’ summer half day camps or join in on a playground program. Here kids will participate in arts & crafts, sports, and other fun group games. These community activities are a great opportunity for kids in new families to plug into neighborhood activity.

Sports enthusiasts can enjoy a range of local sporting events like baseball. Residents can cheer on their home team of the Badgers and enjoy the company of others who ride out to the game.

Miscellaneous Activities

Those who prefer more scholastic activities can pick one from the local library’s many choices. Concerts, book discussions, and reading clubs, and book discussions are just a few.

Education in Harlan Hills

Harlan Hills is within reasonable distance of excellent schools, including some private schools. In fact, this area of Wisconsin is home to three of the state’s finest schools. Fitchburg also houses five institutions of higher education including the University of Wisconsin and Globe University.

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