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    Fieldstone – Madison, WI

    Many families have homes in Madison, WI. Fieldstone is a neighborhood in the city. The city of Madison has a population of about 200,000.

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    Madison is the second largest city in the state; Milwaukee is the largest city. Homeowners in the overall area enjoy staying in the city due to the various benefits the area offers.

    Communities in the city appreciate the services that the local law enforcement provides. Madison has more than 400 full time police officers. The departments are found in several districts, and the city has special units. Fire departments are efficient in the city as well; the fire departments provide a medical service during emergencies. There are 12 fire stations that help homeowners in various communities.

    Fieldstone Local Attractions

    Capitol Square is a popular area in the city; it has a farmers market. Families visit the farmers market because it provides locally grown produce. Various other items can be purchased at the market as well, such as donuts. The market welcomes visitors from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

    The Capitol building in Capitol Square is worth visiting too. The building’s architecture is classic. From the building, visitors can view the city in the observation area. There are shops in Capital Square as well.

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    Another area near Fieldstone in Madison is called State Street; the street has seven blocks that run near Capitol Square. During the day and night, the area has visitors at various coffeehouses, specialty shops, restaurants, and bookstores. Most of the stores are novelty stores, and they offer tees, bongs and more; the stores are similar to the stores that are found at Venice Beach.

    Pubs and bars are located on State Street as well; these places are generally visited during the weekend. State Street also has places for kids; kids will enjoy buying candy from the candy store. There is also a toy store on State Street; there are tons of items there worth buying.

    Fieldstone is an ideal family location in Madison due to the educational benefits. There is a children’s museum in the city, and it has gained several awards. When families visit the museum, kids enjoy the activities, and they get to learn too.

    The museum has an area called inventive city for small kids, and an area called Rooftop Ramble that consists of animals. Very small kids have their own area too; it is a village at the museum. There is something new to try often.

    The museum is small; however, many activities are offered. Local families have visited the location for years. Families enjoy learning and trying various activities with kids; learning is possible because there are areas at the museum for different age groups.

    Tickets are required; however, most families purchase the season tickets. Seasons tickets are recommended because kids will learn something during each visit. This is a big benefit because they will have more knowledge during the school year.

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