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    The lovely city of Monona, WI nestles against the lake for which it was named in the heart of Wisconsin’s south-central region. It is surrounded by Madison, Dane County’s largest city, and several other bodies of water, including Lake Kegonsa and Lake Mendota.

    It was once part of fertile farms and summer homes known as Blooming Grove, which was incorporated as the Village of Monona in August of 1938 when permanent residents and small businesses became more numerous.

    There are two stories regarding its name origin: the first states that the word Monona is Chippewa, meaning “beautiful”–the second says it is the name of an Algonquin mythological character. Whichever story is correct, beautiful certainly applies to this city and its lake.

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    Population, Businesses and Schools

    According to 2011 statistics, 7,658 people reside in the two neighborhoods comprising Monona. The city itself is 3.35 square miles: 3.26 of those are land, and 0.09 is water.

    Although the population density of 2,311 people per square mile sounds crowded, Monona does not feel congested. And at an average of 41 years of age, Monona’s residents form a slightly more mature community than elsewhere in Wisconsin.

    Ahuska Park is popular with both residents and visitors. A well-planned and accessible business section provides shopping ease, serviced by public transportation. Highly rated at 7 our of a possible 10, Monona schools provide children with excellent education.

    Because of short commutes, many residents choose to either walk or bike to work rather than taking a car, which makes this community consciously green. The Monona Senior Center and the Monona Public Library are conveniently located, as is the Yahara Clinic.

    Whatever is not provided in Monona itself is available just down the Beltway (Highways 12 and 18) in Madison, named consistently as one of the USA’s most livable cities.

    Summer and Winter Fun

    Monona offers excellent summertime pursuits: swimming from a lovely public beach, fishing (bluegill, largemouth and smallmouth bass, muske, northern pike, lake sturgeon, and walleye as well as other kinds of fish tempt sportsmen with rods and reels), boating, sailboarding, canoeing, and kayaking are all enjoyed along Lake Monona’s waterfront.

    Walking, jogging, in-line skating, and bicycling are popular activities along scenic paths designated for such exercise. The Monona Community Festival is held July 3-4 each year, a celebration sharing the joys of life in this beautiful region with residents and visitors.

    Viewing the historic native American mounds nearby is a highlight for those wishing to discover more about the history of the area.

    Being frozen for approximately 107 days per year makes Lake Monona perfect for cold season sports. Ice boating has always been popular here.

    Ice fishing gives the lake its own little community of shelters during the winter. Ice skating, sledding, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling are also favorite activities.

    Beautiful Monona

    This city offers all the good things in life: pleasant surroundings, good work, good schools, and good fun. Considering the amenities here, Monona truly lives up to its name.


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