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    Shorewood Hills Real Estate

    About Shorewood Hills, Wisconsin

    Searching for a new home in the Wisconsin area? One of the neighborhoods that you should investigate is the small village at Shorewood Hills. With a low crime rate, wooded acreage, parks and walking trails this is an ideal setting for young adults, families and retired individuals. The Shorewood Hills neighborhood is just minutes away from major employers and shopping centers but it conveys a feeling of extreme privacy for all residents.

    Shorewood Hills Statistics and Figures

    The community of Shorewood Hills is one of Wisconsin’s best kept secrets. This small village is home to fewer than 2000 individuals and is located near the towns of Middleton, WI, Madison, WI and Maple Bluff, WI. Shorewood Hills is also just a short distance drive from large lakes and the University of WI.

    Although the population is small the median income for resident households is $124,000. Homes for sale in Shorewood Hills range in prices. Prices in this Dane County area now average 250-500K which is typical for this northern state.

    Gallery of Shorewood Hills Homes For Sale

    Why Choose Shorewood Hills?

    The scenic beauty of Shorewood Hills attracts numerous visitors each year. The close proximity to the state capitol means residents can enjoy touring the large Farmer’s Market, Madison Lakes, the WI Dells, Olbrich Botanical Gardens, the Chazen Museum of Art and the Aldo Leopold Nature Center.

    Some of Dane County’s best real estate can be found in Shorewood Hills. Thanks to a combination of factors these homes are considered to be outstanding buys. There are a number of historically important properties in this community but it is also the picturesque landscape and natural outdoor settings that elevate these homes to the next level.

    Residents of Shorewood Hills

    As a tourist or resident of Shorewood Hills you will be in close proximity to beautiful Lake Mendota. This is an idyllic place to indulge in cycling, sailing, tennis, golf, swimming or hiking. Just a simple walk about the local neighborhood is sure to be relaxing and educational.

    The community is home to many teachers, nurses and physicians. For those who want to simplify the commuting process there are buses that travel from Shorewood Hills to the downtown Wisconsin area.

    Shorewood Hills Schools

    Families with school age children can choose between public, charter and private schools. The local Shorewood Hills Elementary School consistently receives a rating of 10 which places it at the top of the chart. This neighborhood is officially in the Madison School District but the Verona and Waunakee School Districts are ranked higher by teachers, students and parents.

    Living in Shorewood Hills

    The suburban lifestyle enjoyed by Shorewood Hills residents makes the community highly desirable to new home buyers. Here they can experience a quiet, upscale living environment without giving up the excitement of life in a bigger city. It only takes a few minutes to travel to the shops and restaurants in Madison, WI community. For those who live among these green, heavily wooded properties it is the best of all worlds.


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