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    Meadowood – Madison, WI

    Meadowood in Madison, WI is a family community that is near the big city, but offers a great suburban lifestyle. People today want it all. They want the good schools and the great jobs without the crime.

    Living in a suburb provides that. It typically helps with crime levels as well. Most suburbs have lower crime rates than the larger cities. Meadowood is a perfect example of that.

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    What the Area is Like

    • It is voted the best place to live in the United States for amenities. The schools are ranked well, grocery stores are locally available within one mile of every home and public transit is reliable.
    • The cost of living is significantly less than it would be in other locations in Wisconsin.
    • The crime rate for Meadowood is lower than neighboring cities in the state.
    • The student to teacher ratio in the public school system is twelve to one.
    • There is a 97% graduation rate as well.
    • Property values are higher than other cities in the state and rent is less expensive.


    The important thing to remember when choosing a place to live is the balance of all factors to the ease of daily life. If a location is near work but located in a neighborhood where the crime rates are high, then that is a bad choice.

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    Meadowood is considered a great choice because it is close to the best shopping and jobs while it offers a great standard of living that is safe.

    Areas of Interest

    One of the best places to look is Meadowood Community Garden. It has a garden show each year that displays the efforts of the local community and the flowers that grow each year.


    The schools are excellent and offer a great student to teacher ratio. Students can get individual help from teachers in classrooms that offer a twelve to one student to teacher ratio.


    There are several great attractions in the area. The one attraction that can’t be missed is the Blastaway Beach at Wet and Wild. It offers a sandcastle theme to the waterpark and tons of fun for the family.

    Outdoor Activities

    Besides Wet and Wild, there are several excellent parks for outdoor fun. The West Town Spring Carnival happens every year for the family to get out and enjoy the thaw from cold weather. Enjoy the flowers and the warm sun as vendors sell things and rides bring your family a lot of fun.

    Meadowood Park is the best choice for getting out in a park. It has trails for roller blading or just riding a bike with the kids. Picnic tables and trees offer a great place to enjoy the outdoors.

    Things to Do

    There are several things to do in the area too. Don’t forget that Wisconsin offers some great national parks and lakes to enjoy in the summer. The winter brings festivals and holiday fun.

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