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    Olbrich Park – Madison, WI

    The Olbrich neighborhood in Madison, WI has many real estate opportunities for the prospective buyer to consider. There are several ranch homes on the market and many of them are reasonably priced. At present there appears to be three listings or more on the Olbrich market, including two homes in the mid-100’s range and one home in the mid 300,000 range.

    Olbrich is clean and well-kept with several nearby parks. This is an underrated neighborhood that would be good to raise a family. The purpose of this piece then is to introduce the individual who is considering a relocation to some of the amenities, charms, and pleasantries of this neighborhood in the Wisconsin state capitol.

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    Real Estate

    The three homes that are currently on the market have a variety of amenities and comforts for the prospective buyer to consider. There is a listing at $149,900 that has three bedrooms within a space of 846 square feet.

    The home boasts a detached garage, an eat-in kitchen, a full basement, and a front porch and a fenced in yard. The home appears to have been remodeled several times as it was built in 1949. Another listing is at $169,900 and has a little bit more living space at just over 1,150 square feet.

    Olbrich Park Real Estate - Madison, WI | Nicole Charles & Associates

    The home features a dining room, a kitchen, forced air, a family room and even a fenced in yard. There is another, significantly more expensive listing in this neighborhood for those who have a little more buying power and whom desire more living space.

    This home sells for $359,900 and has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. This listing also features such positives as 2 bathrooms, a dining room, a full sized kitchen, an office, a laundry room, a detached garage, an automatic garage door opener, a wood burning fireplace, and a brick exterior.


    Besides the great real estate, this area has many other great things going for it as well. The Olbrich park neighborhood has several nearby parks including the fantastic Olbrich Park, which is complete with ball fields and even a botanical garden. The park is fully functional with walking trails, playground equipment for younger kids, and hiking areas as well.

    The botanical garden usually charges admission of $2 on days other than Wednesday and Friday when it is free. The botanical gardens features many stunning foliage not normally found in the Wisconsin area including tropical and other exotic plants.

    The Olbrich Park neighborhood has ready access to many of the public transportation benefits that the city of Madison has to offer. Many elementary schools are nearby, including Schenk Elementary School.

    The School District offers a fully-functional busing program as well. This is generally a low crime and safe neighborhood of Madison as well. Overall, the Olbrich Park area is a great place to live.

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