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    Quarry Cove – Madison, WI

    Laid on the isthmus between Lake Monona and Lake Mendota, the capital of Wisconsin, Madison, is a small metropolitan area resided in by about 500,000 – of these, some situated in the neighborhood a few miles south, Quarry Cove. Down Interstate 18, Quarry Cove is a 300-acre neighborhood with many single-family homes with charming parks surrounding on either side.

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    While maintaining a small town feel, Madison reflects the vibe of college towns like Austin and Berkeley with their educated and vibrant populations, having a culture that holds things like creativity and fitness in high regard.

    Being the capitol, Madison like many other American cities is a melting pot – often referred to as the melting pot of the Midwest. With families, students, professionals and musicians all, this moniker is well earned.

    Schools and Education

    Ranked second in the nation in education by Forbes, Madison has a wealth of wonderful schools – all served by the Madison Metropolitan School District. Quarry Cove’s main schools for children are the Huegel Elementary School and the Capitoland Christian School for private schooling.

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    The serving primary schools are Toki Middle School and Memorial High while St. Ambrose offers private tutor grades 6-12 and Madison Country Day School provides private high school with no religious affiliation.

    With the third highest college graduates per capita and the highest PhDs per capita in the United States, it is very apparent that Madison brings a high level of higher education to the state of Wisconsin.

    With Edgewood College, the Madison Media Institute, Madison Area Technical College, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the city holds a post-secondary population of almost 50,000.

    Public Transportation

    The bus routes throughout the city and suburbs are provided by Madison Metro, but there are also bus routes connection Madison to surrounding Midwest cities like Milwaukee, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Chicago.

    Badger Bus delivers people from Madison to Milwaukee while Greyhound connects the other major cities. While in the city, bus travel is often a good way to go linking the shopping, work, entertainment and culture with a great degree of convenience.

    Nearby Parks

    To the west of Quarry Cove lies Manchester Park – a large park highly popular as a gathering place for young families where activities like Frisbee and soccer are often played. To the east lies the Quarry Ridge Recreation Area which is flush with areas for picnics, hiking and mountain biking.


    With the great fortune of sitting adjacent to beautiful natural lakes, Madison obviously offers amazing landscapes for the viewing pleasure of its residents. At The Memorial Union Terrace, a luxurious terrace overlooking Lake Mendota.

    With live music, regional beer and ice cream, Union Terrace is a great place to spend the day with either friends or family. At Monona Terrace, one can choose to take in the beautiful Lake Monona with activities like free Tai Chi, live concerts and Dane Dances offered weekly. There are also boat rentals available to view the blue a bit closer.

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