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    Raywood – Verona, WI

    Verona, Wisconsin is a suburb of Madison. It has a population of around 11,000 people and an area of roughly six square miles. It is only ten miles from downtown Madison and is part of the Madison Metropolitan Statistical Area.

    Epic Systems, a company the makes medical information systems, is headquartered here. Raywood is located in northern Verona. Anyone living in this neighborhood has access to various educational and recreational resources as well as other amenities.

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    There are three schools for children in the Raywood area; Verona High School, County View Elementary and Badger Ridge Middle School. These are only three of the ten schools in Verona. There are also two charter schools, an international school, three more elementary schools, and another middle school.

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    Though there are no higher education institutions in Verona, the University of Wisconsin is located in Madison. Verona also has an excellent public library to provide educational materials to its residents.



    There are numerous parks in Raywood and the surrounding area. Four parks are located near Raywood; Cross Country Park, Behnlee Park, Community Park, and Raywood Park. There is also a large park, Badger Prairie Park, in Verona. This park serves multiple purposes.

    In addition to being a recreation area, it is also a junction point for a national trail and a state trail. There are also sports fields, bike trails, a playground, and a field used for flying model airplanes. These parks provide a place for residents to spend a day outdoors.


    The two trails that pass through Badger Prairie Park are the Military Ridge State Trail and the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. The Military Ridge State Trail is a 44 mile trail that requires a trail pass for access. It is one of a group of state trails that follow old railway beds.

    This trail allows hikers, skiers, bikers, and snowmobilers to experience the marvelous scenery of Wisconsin. The Ice Age National Scenic Trail is 1,000 miles long and is one of the eleven national scenic trails in the country. This trail focuses mainly on areas of Wisconsin that were affected in some way by glacier activities. A trip on this trail is not only fun, it is educational.

    Other Amenities

    Verona has several restaurants that serve ethnic and classic American food. Although Verona does not have a wide variety of cultural attractions Madison does. Residents of Raywood have easy access to the restaurants and entertainments of downtown Madison.

    Another thing to consider when purchasing a home is the medical institutions in the surrounding area. There are no hospitals in Verona but the University of Wisconsin has a hospital and various clinics. Verona does have a local senior care facility for elderly residents.

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