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    Shorewood Hills, WI

    The unique aspect of Shorewood Hills, WI is the fact that despite it having a population that is so small it is bordered by a University Avenue, the UW Campus and also Lake Mendota. All these things appear on different locations letting the neighborhood be in the center.

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    Given that it is a suburban area, it is still one of the most desired places to live in because it has schools, attraction sites like the lake and allows people to interact freely.

    Schools Found in Shorewood Hills, WI

    Given that it is a small neighborhood, children in Shorewood hills attend the Shorewood Hills Elementary School which is almost at the center of the village and education these serves children from kindergarten through to fifth grade. The children are always comfortable and they have the privilege of having a playground to allow them play after school work.

    Outdoor Activities in Shorewood Hills, WI

    Some of the outdoor activities found in this neighborhood include:


    While in the neighborhood, you cannot miss to engage in some form of activity with the friendly people in this environment. One of the activities that people here like is swimming. This is what led to the birth of Shorewood Hills Pool.

    This is a community pool that allows people just to relax and have some fun. From just swimming to diving and water aerobics, all you need to do in water is found in this large community swimming area.


    For those who love golf then the Shorewood Hills Blackhawk Country Club will be very fascinating to you given that it is very green with some interesting mounds.

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    Local Businesses in Shorewood Hills

    Despite the fact that the area is sparsely populated, there are so many businesses that are going on there and you can find almost anything that you want in Shorewood hills neighborhood.

    From pet shops to real estate agents all of them are available not forgetting their mortgage rates that are fare.

    Historic Sites in Shorewood Hills, WI

    While on tour at Shorewood hills you cannot avoid to visit the first Unitarian society meeting house, which is a historic site in this neighborhood given that it, has been in existence since 1947.

    Restaurants in Shorewood Hills

    Sometimes a visitor may need a place to relax or just have a meal before they can leave. Due to this, you will be able to find the 30 Inch Pizza place in Madison, which will be of great help to you.

    The most important thing is that one is comfortable. Shorewood Hills neighborhood, WI is a place one cannot afford not to visit as it will never disappoint even if it is just a small village with minimal population.

    You will also be guaranteed of safety due to the presence of a police station there also known as the Shorewood Hills Village Hall, which ensures that everybody’s safety is observed, and things are always in order as expected by the state.

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